Young Prospects – Respite Service


Young Prospects ‘Active Short Breaks’ is a ground-floor seven-bedroomed service in Redhill which can accommodate overnight support and daytime opportunities for young people aged 18-35 who have a learning disability and/or autistic people and/or a physical disability.

What support is available

The overnight service has a staff ratio of three staff to the seven overnight guests and therefore this service does not fund one-to-one support. We are able to offer additional staffing at an extra cost, based on your assessed need.


Young Prospects offers a sensory room and wheelchair accessible kitchen. We offer all of our overnight guests the opportunity to access our in-house activities and local activities in the community. We would like to give all overnight guests the feeling of staying at a hotel and therefore each room is made up for each new guest booked in. Rooms cannot accommodate clothes or other personal belongings for frequent guests to the service. It is expected that each overnight guest brings their own toiletries. Washing of clothes will only be completed if the stay is for more than one night. Each bedroom will have its own safe and medication cabinet to ensure that personal belongings are kept together. All monies and medication will be returned after each visit.

Local area

There is only one vehicle at Young Prospects, which is primarily used to support transport within a three mile radius from Young Prospects for accessing local activities. If the vehicle is unavailable we will use community transport. Transport must always be booked in advance. We offer all of our overnight guests the opportunity to access our in-house activities and local activities in the community. We will keep support notes for each visit and are happy to share these, with permission from the young person, so that you know what has happened during the visit.

How to access the service

You can contact us directly at 01737 778572, or by emailing

We want to make sure that the service we offer meets your needs, and is somewhere you would like to be.  Our referral and assessment process is designed to help you do that:

  • First we will offer you a date and time to visit to the service
  • If you like it and want to, we will then arrange for you to visit again, with your parent/carer for an assessment. This gives you a chance to spend time with other young people and meet some of the staff while we complete the paperwork.
  • The next step is that we will make sure that we can offer what you need and send you a provisional offer, or explain why we are not able to offer you a service at the moment.
  • Once we have made you a provisional offer we will contact your care manager and ask them to confirm the funding in place. They send us this information, and then bookings can begin
  • Sometimes there can be a delay between us offering you a service and the service starting, this may be because we are waiting for more information, for funding to be agreed, or we may need training for staff e.g. specific health conditions.

We will develop a support plan called This is Me, and we will share this with your family/carer and to ensure that our service meets your needs and you know what we can offer you.

Please see the full service agreement here




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