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Social Enterprises

During 2018, we will set up social enterprises that offer opportunities for people with learning disabilities, mental and physical health needs to progress on a pathway towards paid work.

We are currently consulting with our Pro-Active Committee, led by people we support, on what particularly social businesses they would like to be involved with.  Some favour a café or horticulture project and many people we support find working with animals therapeutic and would like to run an animal ‘hotel’ or ‘hospital’.

These enterprises will give people with a range of support needs, opportunity to identify and work towards individual goals such as working in a customer facing role, handling money, doing practical work such as food preparation or cultivating plants.  They will have the chance to gain skills and confidence within a supportive environment and will progress towards achieving awards and qualifications.

Enterprises will be overseen by paid staff and will offer opportunities for volunteers with specialist skills and a willingness to support others.  Customers of the enterprises will become familiar with seeing people with disabilities or health needs actively participating in their own communities which will break down barriers and lead to greater community cohesion.