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Lucy* has a learning disability and complex needs.  She isn’t able to communicate verbally and uses as a wheelchair when she is out and about.

Lucy lived at home with her family until her father was diagnosed with cancer and Lucy’s mum struggled to care for both of them.  Lucy started attending Young Prospects (YP) short break service in Redhill, where she stayed for five nights a week, just returning home for a couple of nights to see her family.

Whist at YP, her Support Worker supported Lucy to see a dentist who diagnosed that she needed a tooth to be removed in hospital.  Her mum asked her support team to take Lucy to hospital, stay with her and bring her back to YP, which they were happy to do, but it raised further concerns about mum’s capacity to meet all Lucy’s needs.

After six months, Lucy started to see Young Prospects short breaks service as her home, so we talked to mum about longer term options. Lucy’s mum told us she wasn’t going to be able to have Lucy return home, but she also didn’t want her to move to residential care.

When her father sadly passed away, we left existing arrangements in place for three months, to give the family time to grieve without any further upheaval.  The Manager of Young Prospects then suggested to her mum that Lucy needed to transition to more permanent accommodation, where her needs could be fully met.  The Manager also contacted social services to ask for a named Care Manager to support the family to identify the best living option for Lucy.

Over time, mum accepted that she couldn’t provide all that Lucy needed at that time. Staff helped her to see that this wasn’t anything to feel guilty about, but that she was taking positive steps to give Lucy the care and support she needed to progress with her life.

Lucy moved to a residential care home run by another provider, close to where her mum lives, so they can see each other as often as they like and enjoy doing mother/daughter activities together, whilst Lucy’s care needs are met by a skilled and experienced support team.

Although Active Prospects were sad to see Lucy leave, we worked with the new provider to affect a smooth transition and are delighted to hear how well she is getting on in her new home.

* Name has been changed