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Anthony story gardenAnthony came to Active Prospects after a turbulent experience with his previous care provider. At the age of 20, he had reached a crisis point. He was extremely unhappy, refusing to take part in any activities or have any personal care.

Anthony was placed at Young Prospects’ Short Break Service as an emergency placement. Staff at Active Prospects worked with the Intensive Support team and Community Learning Disability team to ensure a smooth transition over to his new accommodation and the fresh start allowed everyone to understand a pattern of behavior. With compassionate, manageable bursts of personal care, Anthony started to feel more comfortable, showering every day.

An opportunity arose for Anthony to move to long term accommodation, supported by Active Prospects, in a newly adapted bungalow. After an incredible journey of change, staff were able to understand that Anthony could verbally understand. With encouragement he started to communicate his needs through a symbol board, allowing his frustrations to decrease. His behavior positively changed so much that he now enjoys regular activities, such as meals and walks, and safely explores the garden.

June 4, 2021