Staff and People We Support Shine at STAR Awards

Reigate-based care organisation, Active Prospects, held its annual Star Awards on Friday 13th July at the Reigate Manor Hotel. The glittering awards ceremony recognise excellence across Active Prospects’ services, those staff and volunteers demonstrating exemplary values, and the outstanding achievements of the people with learning disabilities, physical and mental health needs that the organisation supports through its residential and community teams, and young people with a SEND in its employment enabling work.

CEO, Maria Mills, said: “It was an inspiring, moving and powerful evening, and a real reflection of the wonderful work of our staff, and the full and aspiring lives led by the people we support.”

“I am incredibly proud of the work our staff do in enabling adults and young people to lead enriched lives in their local communities. Active Prospects is a successful and growing local charity, and our Star Awards give us the chance to recognise and celebrate people’s achievements.”

The full list of winners and runners-up for the Active Prospects People Awards 2018 is:

Most Aspiring People – for people we support who have achieved the most amazing personal achievements over the last year. Five winners were chosen: Theresa Creevey (Cedarwood Lodge), Sam Barker (Community Prospects), Olivia Haskins (Young Prospects), Stuart Hedger (Active Wellbeing) and Sayed Bokhari (Blanford Road).

Most Aspiring Staff Team – for the staff team that has best enabled people to have the most aspiring journeys over the last year. Runners-up were Rosedene team and Community Prospects team. The winner was the Young Prospects – Satellite Service team.

Most Aspiring Staff Member or Apprentice – for the staff member who has best achieved aspiring development within Active Prospects. The runners-up were Martha Seaney (Active Wellbeing) and Greg Jones (Blanford Road). The winner was Stephanie Campbell (Rosedene).

Most Aspiring Volunteer or Intern – for the volunteer or Intern who has best enabled people we support or Active Prospects to flourish and added great value to our work. The joint winners were Meg Harms and Marc Barber (Future Prospects).

Most Enabling People – for the people we support who have best enabled themselves and others to have a voice and make a contribution and made Active Prospects and our services better. The winners were: Margaret Anderson (Blanford Road), Michael McLachlan (Beech Lodge), and Leanne Yeo (Active Wellbeing).

Most Enabling Staff Team – for the central staff team that has best supported services and people to lead aspiring lives. The runner-up was Housing and Maintenance, and the winner was Future Prospects.

Most Caring Staff Member – for the members of staff who have best shown a deep caring and compassion for people we support. The joint winners were Julie Ross (Active Wellbeing), Josie Mellett (Community Prospects) and Yassin Jammeh (The Pines).

Most Transformative Team – for the team that has really embraced and delivered positive change, with openness and transparency. The runners-up were Blanford Road and Cedarwood Lodge. The winner was Woodview.

Most Valuing Assistant Manager/Team Leader – for the assistant manager/team leader who has best enabled their team to flourish. The runner-up was Dawn Boyce (Quality and Referrals) and the winner was David Asante Awuakye (Active Wellbeing).

Most Valuing Manager – for the staff manager who has best enabled staff and volunteers to flourish. The runners-up were Nick Kinsella (Future Prospects) and Niamh Quinn (Active Wellbeing). The winner was Laura Tickner (Area Manager).

Most Active People – for the people we support who have best engaged with their local community and had a positive impact on other individuals, organisations or their community. The winners were: John Barden (London Road), Holly Keen (The Pines), and Alison Cook (Beech Lodge).

Best New Staff Member, Volunteer or Intern – for the person who has joined Active Prospects within the last year and made the most impact on the organisation or their service. The runners-up were Lynette Gichini (Young Prospects) and Danielle Newman (Young Prospects), and the winner was Helen Guest (Active Wellbeing/Central Office).

Best New Service or Initiative – for the new service or initiative that has made the most impact over the last year. The runner-up was the Charity Shop and the winner was Beech Lodge (Active Wellbeing).

Staff members, managers, people we support and families/carers sent in over 175 nominations for this year’s awards and the judges commented on the inspirational and uplifting stories and comments they read. Huge congratulations go to everyone who was nominated, as well as to our worthy runners-up and winners.

Active Prospects’ Big Feedback: Empowering Aspiring Lives
Active Prospects’ Big Feedback: Empowering Aspiring Lives

At Active Prospects, our commitment to transparency, communication, and continuous improvement is at the core of our mission.

More than 150 autistic people in Surrey with a mental health need will benefit from an innovative project led by Active Prospects
More than 150 autistic people in Surrey with a mental health need will benefit from an innovative project led by Active Prospects

The project has been funded by a grant from Surrey County Council’s Mental Health Investment Fund, which was

Sharon’s 40-year journey at Active Prospects: spreading smiles and building relationships
Sharon’s 40-year journey at Active Prospects: spreading smiles and building relationships

This year we are delighted to celebrate Sharon’s 40 years at Active Prospects, who is a shining example