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Meet our volunteers

Introducing Jane, one of our volunteers

“It was purely by chance that I ended up as an Active Prospects’ volunteer!

“Having spent many years bringing up four children I was slowly coming to the conclusion that I was no longer needed quite as much and that the time was right to do something different. That same week I met up with a very enthusiastic member of the Active Prospects team and I thought…..’I would like some of that enjoyment and fulfilment in my life’ so I asked the question: “Do you take on volunteers?”

“Four months later – having completed a few basic courses (all of them interesting to someone who had no clue what to expect) and some ‘shadowing’ trips out I was flying solo!

“My role is as ‘the treat lady’, basically I get to do fun things like swimming, shopping, clearing out a greenhouse, going to the cafe for a cuppa, and last summer a trip to a transport museum and several trips to the seaside. Everything is coordinated at Head Office and I have had as much help and support from the team as I wanted.

“What do I get out of this? Well, if I am honest at times I have been slightly out of my comfort zone but it is so nice to go home at the end of a day and think that actually I’ve had a really nice time and hopefully I have helped someone else have a good day too.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of different people and everyone (both clients and support workers) have been friendly and supportive of my attempts to make a success of my ‘new role in life’.” Jane Ellis, Volunteer